Skyler Fisher

Skyler began experiencing symptoms in September of 2012. He could not lay flat because it would make him cough so much that it made it difficult for him to breathe.His doctors noticed a cluster of his lymph nodes on the right side of his neck and what is known as petechiae on his skin (red and purple spots). His doctors originally started him on a treatment regimen for asthma but he experienced fevers and his condition was not improving. His mother decided to take him back to the Emergency Room at OHSU in Portland because she felt something else was wrong. Her feelings would later be confirmed – Skyler had Leukemia.

We have followed Skyler’s progress on his journey to defeat Leukemia from the beginning and have been supporting him with each and every milestone he achieves. He’s a wonderful, intelligent, and polite young man with big dreams and a bright future ahead. Skyler has endured the harsh side effects of toxic chemotherapy and radiation treatments, but through it all has kept a positive attitude. He’s a talented D, musician, photographer, cinema photographer, and he loves the outdoors.

We have had the honor of having Skyler in attendance as one of our honored kids at our last two Ethan Jostad Foundation Golf Tournament. He is currently in remission from his Leukemia and nearing the end of his treatment plan. As of this writing, Skyler started his Freshman year of High School in 2015.