Meet our Hero: Michael Bruhn

Michael was a local boy from our area in Southern Oregon. He was diagnosed with Pre B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in February of 2008 at age 11 and would wage a 5+ year battle with his cancer. Michael would endure pulls, IV's, chemotherapy, spinal taps, bone marrow aspirations, and test after test. Through it all he kept a positive, comforting, and loving attitude.

We had the privilege of meeting Michael at our 2nd Annual Ethan Jostad Foundation golf tournament where Michael played, and played well. He loved the game of golf, his friends, and his family.

Sadly, after countless battles with childhood cancer, we lost Michael on August 29, 2103 at the age of 17. He will always be in our hearts and loved by the many that came into contact with him Our thoughts and prayers go out to Michael's family.