Ethan Jostad Foundation Raises More Than $43,000 for Childhood Cancer

Media Contact:
Joe Goedereis
Public Relations
Ethan Jostad Foundation For Childhood Cancer


EAGLE POINT, OREGON – Thursday, June 18, 2015

Kim & Chris Jostad

The Ethan Jostad Foundation for Childhood Cancer, a 501c3 non-profit charity dedicated to providing support to the children and families affected by childhood cancer, announced today that it has raised $43,300 in proceeds from its 4th Annual Charity Golf Tournament recently held on Saturday, June 13th at the Eagle Point Golf Club in Eagle Point, Oregon.

"This was by far the most successful fundraising event in our foundation’s history,” said Kimberly Jostad, co-founder and President of the Ethan Jostad Foundation. She continued, “We’d like to thank all of the players, sponsors, volunteers, and the public for their overwhelming support, it’s truly humbling to witness.” Jostad added, “In addition to funding pediatric cancer research, our mission is to provide emotional and financial support to children and families impacted by this disease. Every person associated with this tournament helps us put a smile on a child’s face who is facing the most difficult of battles.”

Golfers pose for a photo with the image of Alex Shepherd of Ashland, OR who recently passed after his battle with brain cancer.

Chris Jostad, co-founder and President of the foundation, added, "We had such a great field of golfers this year, and we had more sponsors than we’ve ever had in previous years before. “Everyone had such a great time, and the funds raised will all be used to help so many kids fighting childhood cancer.” Jostad continued, “We cannot thank the players, and especially our sponsors, enough for their support. Without their continued dedication year-after-year, we would not be able to help so many impacted by childhood cancer.”

“The funding gap between adult cancer research and childhood cancer research is vast and wide,” said Joe Goedereis, Director of Public Relations for the foundation. “If we can help fund one clinical trial, help a lab purchase the necessary equipment or pay for a research assistant to carry out their work to find better treatments and, hopefully, one day unlock the mysteries that lead to a cure, then we are making a difference.” He added, “Aside from research, sometimes what a child needs to make it through that next cycle of chemotherapy, or that next session of radiation, is something to simply lift their spirits. That’s why we send toy and care packages to kids nationwide. It’s our way of continuing Ethan’s legacy of helping others who are fighting the same battle he once fought. I think Ethan would be very proud of what Kim and Chris have accomplished so far and how they have continued on with is fight by helping other children.”

The foundation honors the real heroes of the tournament - the kids fighting every day.

In previous years the annual charity golf tournament has made it possible for the foundation to issue research grants to Keller Lab at OHSU and most recently the Children’s Cancer Therapy Development Institute (cc-TDI) in Fort Collins, Colorado. The research funded by the foundation focuses on childhood cancers that are considered more difficult to treat and that currently have poor outcomes. In addition to providing financial assistance to diagnosed children in Oregon, the foundation has also been a sponsor of several children through Sparrow Clubs of Southern Oregon and has partnered with other non-profits like Peach’s Neet Feet.





Below are the results from this year’s tournament:

1st Place -  with a score of 54:
    R. D Jones
    Eloy Aguilar
    Donny McCall
    Jerome Silafau

2nd & 3rd tied with a score of 56 (a tie goes to a scorecard playoff):

2nd place:
    Jason Hanlin
    Dylan Schwarm    
    Boomer Marshall
    Travis Brink

3rd place:
    Jason Lawrence    
    Caelin Ellenwood
    Rex Mobley
    Jason Forte

Closest To The Pin #3: Brent Sackett - with a distance of 11 feet 2 inches
Closest To The Pin #8: Bill Froehlich - with a distance of 11 feet 2 inches
Closest To The Pin #15: Ryan Shipley - with a distance of 3 feet 10 inches
Women’s Closest To The Pin #8: - Laurie Jendre with a distance of  9 feet 6 inches
Men’s Longest Drive #4: Michael Gardner
Women’s Longest Drive #4: Monique Kaldunski

The Ethan Jostad Foundation was established by Kim and Chris Jostad in October of 2011 in the memory of their son Ethan, who passed away at the young age of 9 from Stage IV Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma, an aggressive form of soft tissue sarcoma cancer. During his two year battle with cancer, Ethan's story became an inspiration to hundreds of thousands of people and opened the eyes of many to the plight of children and families impacted by pediatric cancer. The mission of the Ethan Jostad Foundation for Childhood Cancer is to continue Ethan's legacy by providing love, hope, and support to the children and families who continue to fight every day. The Ethan Jostad Foundation was voted a Top Charity in 2012 by Chase Community Giving and actively supports and partners with other childhood cancer charities and organizations with the singular goal of finding cures. For more information please visit